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About US

Walnut is a solutions agency with an earth-full of ideas. It is the B2B division of which is one of the leading e-commerce companies in India for quirky and fun products.
We’re a group of people who individually ace their roles in an effort to make Walnut the most nutritive nut in your basket.


At Walnut, we never run out of ideas. Be it for corporate gifting, birth announcements, festivals, we have something for everything and everyone that you've never seen before.


You can throw a digital anything stone at us and this Walnut will crack open with unimaginable solutions for you and your brand. In addition to this, we make happen celebrity endorsements too.


Just like the brain is equipped to do many things at one time, we at Walnut share this uncanny similarity with it. We also can ideate, design, fabricate and put up some of the best events.

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